Announcing Limitless Fortune: Orbital Trade and Investment! Coming soon to the App Store

We’re pleased to announce that our next major release will be Limitless Fortune: Orbital Trade and Investment, a space trader-style game for iOS. To learn more, visit

In Limitless Fortune, you take command of a space ship and venture out into the solar system with one goal: build the biggest fortune of all time! To succeed, you’ll need to plan ahead, make smart trades, invest in your ship, and put your money to work in the stock market.


In the game, money works in a complex and realistic way: you can purchase your ship — probably your largest asset — with a 15 or 30 year mortgage (or you can rent); you can invest your money in realistic stock, bond, and gold indexes; and you can take advantage of the real effects of compound interest and long-term planning.

Our previous project, WealthSim, is no longer in development. Many parts of that project’s financial game engine have been updated and are in use in Limitless Fortune.

We anticipate a late Q2/early Q3 2016 release on the App Store. Follow @ZippyBrain for more frequent updates!


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